Thursday, January 23, 2020

Twitter Reactions: Lionel Messi sent off in Third place match against Chile

Lionel Messi is arguably the most talented footballer of his generation and considered by as many as Greatest footballer ever to kick the ball. His outstanding footballing career has magnitudes of goals and assists to his name as well as so many important trophies with his Club, ‘FC Barcelona‘, including 2 youth level trophies for his country.

But these are not the only things about his magnificent career. Today football world seen Messi being sent off only for 2nd time in his whole career which is quite an achievement itself. Interestingly both of red cards are with his international team. His 1st red card was after just 44 seconds of being on pitch in his debut match against Hungary back in 2005. After that he has gone 14 years without a single red card.

But red card against Chile has made footballing world especially Messi fans gone wild because many of them think that Messi deserved a yellow card at most, but Paraguayan referee, Mario Diaz De Vivar, thought otherwise because he shown Messi and ofcourse his counter party, Medel, straight red after a heating clash. VAR was used to review the act but decision was upheld.

Here are some fans reactions after watching this horrible Messi moment.

Pratik said that:

Messi just got sent off for this. VAR and Referee both are disgrace in this competition What a pathetic decision, f*** you referee”

TheLampardview said that:

In other news, Messi just got a red card for staying calm.#CopaAmerica is an utter and complete joke.

Squawka said that:

 August 2005: Messi is sent off on his Argentina debut
*plays 670 games for club & country without receiving a red card*
July 2019: Messi is sent off for Argentina in the Wow.

Ben Hayward said that:

Just seen Messi’s red card and it’s as ridiculous as the one he received on his Argentina debut against Hungary back in 2005… #CopaAmerica

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